Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring is in the air

During the past days there has been quite a strong sense that, inspite of all the snow, the spring is actually just around the corner.

A hectic week is behind, the weekend is ahead. I have a very nice meeting on the agenda. Tomorrow evening I´m meeting my friends girlfriend, she is icelandic and has arrived in Finland last weekend and we are all eager to meet her, so my friend is throwing a little "get-aquinted-with-my-girlfriend"-party. Can´t wait! I´ve prepared a little welcome-gift;)


ilovemyhouse said...

I love the butterflies!Check out the colormekatie blog, she did something similar with birds.Have a nice weekend.xx

littlebyrd said...

Have fun at the party!!! And a wonderful weekend to you :)

sinnlighet said...

Hej vännen, vill bara önska Dig en GREAT helg!



linnea-maria said...

Ja det känns som om våren är på väg här med. Trots minusgrader har vi haft takdropp. Hoppas att festen blir lyckad och att din present passar. Ha det gott /linnea-maria