Thursday, 15 April 2010

Angels in Potsdam

Last night when I arrived home (my return flight was terribly delayed, I was hungry and tired) I found a parcel waiting for me. And I could not believe my eyes when I opened it. It was filled with beautiful treasures, it was as if I had found a secret...
I was emmediately filled with huge gratitude and I was so touched by this that I sat down and cried, happy amazed tears. I was completely taken by surprise! The world is an amazing place, and a certain Jeannette in Potsdam makes this world an even more beautiful place! Thank you Jeannette!
Jeannette won my 200th post giveaway and she wanted to send me a gift. All the treasures are so me. And I´m touched that Jeannette remembers that I collect vintage Eiffel-tower cards.
Jeannette has one my favorite blogs called Sans Soucis.

I wish you a wonderful beautiful day.

This song has been with me since I woke this morning. I started with dancing, slowly, swaying my hair, feel it paint my bare shoulders, feel the souls of my feet touch the floor...


sinnlighet said...

Ingen kan uttrycka känslor som Du, naket och okonstlat och inte minst självutlämnande vackert!!

Du är faktiskt värd all god bekräftelse som Du kan få, Du är själv en fena på att visa god uppskattning!

Lots of love


linnea-maria said...

Åh vilken fin present du har fått! Visst samlade du på eifeltornet? Ha en fin dag /Therese

Don said...

Welcome home!