Sunday, 11 April 2010

Efficiency in a nutshell

The weekend has been lovely. I feel that efficiency is the keyword here. Everyhting has gone very smoothely. And without any effort. Effortless might be the following keyword.
I managed to get plenty of things done, things that are waiting to be done, but have no set deadline.
Some fun also, enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner yesterday at an italian restaurant with my in-laws, we celebrated my sister-in-law´s birthday.

Now I´m going to prepare for the week, iron clothes (I hate to have to do it in the week), plan what to take with me as I´m going to stay with my friend Anu on friday. She runs a bed and breakfast farmhouse called Tammiston tila. Here are her pages in english. We have been friends for years and it has been lovely to follow how she has built her business. I think she has done a fantastic job. Last year she renovated the kitchen, she now has a contemporary kitchen, similar to any top restaurant. She is now working on the restauration of the rooms. I´ve had the pleasure to help her choose old wallpapers and she has also restored plenty of old furniture found in the attic, to suit the decorating. I am so proud of my friend.

Above is a vintage bookpage from a dictionary, I´ve tinted the shells myself. I keep it in the bathroom, surprise, surprise. I have a beach - water theme going on in there;)


sinnlighet said...

Du vännen, kan Du inte bifoga en länk till Din kompis B&B så man kan få spana in lite bilder.

Nu skall jag berätta vad som höjer stämningsläget när man stryker (eftersom Du hatar att göra denna lilla meditativa syssla). Du köper rosenvatten (Du vet, man kan ha det i mat och det går att hitta i typ Coops sortiment) och häller i det koncentrerat (alltså ej utspätt). Sedan kan Du stryka för glatta livet. Doften... jag säger bara DOFTEN, gör att det är lycka att stryka.

Agneta with love

Jeannette said... coloured those shells yourself? It looks beautiful!
Have a wonderful time with your friend.
Oh...and I´m so enjoying the little work of art you send me. Kiito! ;)
A big hug, Jeannette

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I have arrived from Jeannette's blog where she showed your beautiful collage that she won. Congratulations on your 200 posts! I love your art work....this piece with the shells is stunning too!
I hope you have a great week!