Friday, 9 April 2010

More fish in the sea

The working week has finally come to an end. To sqeeze five days work into four days (we had easterholiday on monday) is quite an effort made. I´m so looking forward to the weekend.

To make things even more hectic, I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I always sound more like Eliza Doolittle than myself afterwards. It was my annual check-up, and all is in order.

I´m fairly tired so the wisest thing is to wish you a good night, sleep tight. I´m going to climb into bed and listen to the air outside, dream of a small yellow is summer...I´m sitting on ther stairs, I hear hedgehogs russle nearby, swallows are building a nest under the roof and they show off their fantastic flying skills, I feel the soft breeze, in the distance from the kitchen I hear the radio that I forgot to turn off...ah, life just couldn´t be sweeter.

Above is an old tin lid, that I have in the bathroom.


Don said...

Life is good!

Floss said...

What a lovely tin lid, and put to such good use. I love your reflections on the day - it's good to take the time to think.

sinnlighet said...

Som sagt, Du är en stor poet med känsla för spark of life!