Friday, 30 April 2010


This week I have worked with students in Oulu, a University town 600km north of Helsinki.
Very inspiring days but living in hotels is such a turn off for me!
One day we worked at the premises of an old high-school. The interiour was beautiful and they had managed to pull off the (almost) impossible task of combining old and new architecture. The atmosphere was creative and very user-friendly, in principal designed for the students.
I enjoyed beeing able to see and feel the long history of the high-school, and also to see the new technology beeing widely used. I enjoyed walking along the corridors, in some classrooms the students were working in silence, in another classroom students worked in groups. And suddenly, a piece of music was played over the central radio and after the song the student chairman held a little speech and promoted happenings in the near future.

Now I´m back home.
The picture above is from the hallway in the high-School, there´s a huuuuuuuge cabinet filled with old stuffed animals.

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