Sunday, 18 April 2010


Looking out through the window, I see my neighbour rake leaves. She is such a sweet lady, she loves to take care of our garden and by doing so, she provides plesure to us all. I have to remember to get her some flowers to thank her.

I found a vintage lampshade in dreadful condition during the week, so I have been stripping her to the bone, so to speak. I´m going to make a new cover.

It is a fairly sunny day, I feel a little lazy, and the best part is that I have no obligations today. If I want to, I can throw myself on the sofa and do absolutely nothing.

Above is a wooden hand with a dried rose and behind it, a tresure I reveived from Jeannette. It reads " Ma pensée te suit partout" which is part of a poème d´amour...

Ps. I used google-translator to translate the line, the translation offered was "My thoughts follow you everywhere". It is a somewhat accurate translation. Thank you google.


littlebyrd said...

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Don said...

Sometimes there's nothing better than doing "absolutely nothing"!