Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy saturday

It´s been a lovely day today. Been to the Kumpula village festival, where the Limingantie-street is closed off for traffic and turned into a kilometer long fleamarket, there´s plenty of performers, stands where you can buy coffee and snacks. My friend lives there so I ended up lying on their sofa for a few hours, enjoying their children and their lovely home.
Then took the bus into Kaisaniemi park where the World Village festival was going on. I met up with my husband as we decided to enjoy our dinner there, I had Kambodzan food, delicious.
Then we cykled home and I picked lilacs and apple to place in a vase.
It has been a lovely day.

Above is a picture I took of a cyklist making watercircles.

Sense in shells

I watched the BBC mini-series of Sense and sensibility. I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the visual aspect, the colours, the light, the scenery and of course the setting. Such fine details.
The bedroom that Marianne and Elinor share in the cottage is charming, and I fell for the hanging shells;)
We used to have hanging shells in our house when we lived in France. I was a young girl at the time. And above you can see what I´ve done with the shells I picked, in France, when I was a young girl. I can´t believe I´ve kept the shells for this long!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Singing in the rain

I´m just about to leave, we have a performance (singing) at an event at the Theatre Academy this afternoon. As we are all former students of the Academy, it is an honour that we were invited to perform at this event.

It´s pouring down with rain.

Feeling excited. I love getting ready, put on make-up...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Accordian rack

I promised to show you what I had purchaised from Little Byrd Vintage. Voila, may I present my accordian rack. I love it!
The butterflies I have cut out of old bookspages and glued onto the wallpaper. I have a thing for butterflies...
A vintage french wooden advertising hanger and a pair of antique shoes finish the look. No in fact it doesnt, an old fabric parasol would finish the look. But I don´t have one. Yet;)

Fast food beauty

Once again and first of all, thank you for your kind comments regarding the lampshade. And yes, to answer your question, I am myself also pleased with it. It most certainly has potential and I´m defenately hanging on to it;)

The lilacs are almost in bloom here in Helsinki! They bloom for such a short time, such fast passing beauty. I so enjoy the scent of the lilacs. I can go on forever and ever about how much I love it. But I will not!

I received a parcel today, something lovely I bought from littlebyrdvintage, my absolute favorite Etsy shop. I will show you later what I bought, because I hjaven´t had time yet to hang it and now I need to dash.

oh, check out latest The Selby, fantastic!

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I needed to cover a lampshade for tomorrow...I´m supposed to provide a fair bit of work for a photoshoot in the studio tomorrow.
I spraypainted the lampfoot and then stripped the lampshade down to the bone;)
Covered it with silkpaper and then glued old hotel-stickers to it. I found them some years ago, at the time I didn´t quite know what to do with them, but as the lot didn´t cost more than 10$ on ebay, I thought they will come to use one day. That day was today!

Now it´s time to pack all things for tomorrow, then have a glass of wine and enjoy saturday evening.


I am not one of those people who can feel rain on the way in their bones or livers...oh no, but this morning I was convinced there is thunder in the air, because this morning I woke up with a massive headache! I usually never have hedaches. I almost begged, no cursed the sky to finally brake. And guess what happened! The sky broke out into an amazing fantastic drumming frenzy! My headache eased emmediately. All the colours have a slightly more dramatic tone, perhaps a sharper dark, and there is that lurking feeling, that something, I don´t know what, is waiting behind the corner...

Above is a tinted postcard. I so enjoy the colours, the atmospere...wish I was there, enjoying the wine maybe listening to this.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Thank you

First of all, thank you for your kind comments, your kind thoughts, blessings and prayers. Despite all, life does go on, the hurting aching missing sad feelings will pass. Eventually.

I have been working on larger projects lately, but also worked on my project with old bookcovers. I find them so appealing, the surface is so soft, the colours are fantastic. Some of them can be seen above.
Some of you have contacted me to ask about my work and where one can purchaise my artwork, and to make it all slightly easier, I´m going to open an Etsy shop shortly where some of the bookcovers will be for sale and work that are similar to the 200th post giveaway.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


My dearest friend Nicolas, died yesterday.
I don´t know yet how much of a gap he has left in my life, as I don´t seem to be able to comprehend the terrible news.

Monday, 17 May 2010


On saturday we attended my husband´s grandmothers funeral. She passed away 90yrs old. She was a lovely lady.
The funeral ceremony was beautiful. After the funeral all the guests, relatives and family gathered for a dinner and memorial service. We cried, we laughed, songs were sung and poems read.
We also attended the after-party, sat and talked with dear relatives we seldom meet. My husband has a lovely family and extended family. I´ve always felt welcomed, respected and loved.

Above is an old english muffin form, with a piece of origami I´ve made of old booksheets. The first image is a french image pieuse, 1ere communion dentelle.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Work in progress

My husband is working on the balcony. Makes me smile to see how he uses things...the horseshoe has been hanging above the door for as long as we´ve lived here and now he uses it as a paperweight;)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shells again

I found the perfect frame for my tinted shells. Along with a few real ones...

Summer has finally arrived! It is very warm, the sun has been playing hide and seek all morning;)
I think a few violets would be a good purchaise for the balcony. Yesterday I was hit by a wonderful scent of violets when I walked into the railwaystation, there´s a flowershop just by the doors, and there was a sea of violets in different shades.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

First of the summerdays

Today has been a very good day.
Except for one stupid phonecall. Why oh why do I answer my workphone when I´m having a day off?

I´ll go out for a walk or run in the park and try to get rid of that awkward feeling.

Above is a picture from the bedroom into the hallway.


Today our home is beeing photographed for a magazine. Very interesting to follow these professionals in action. I only stayed and watched for a while, as I don´t want to be in the way;) Looking forward to seeing the outcome.

I have a day off today, and went to meet my friend K for lunch. She is my best friend. I love spending time with her.

Above is a detail from a bookcover, in fact it´s not a book, it´s the 1903 volume of a newspaper.
I shall show you the inside another day.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy mother´s day

Happy mother´s day!
My mother is in Provence, France, at the moment. I´ve sent her a little greeting by mail and later tonight I will call her and sing. That is the tradition;)

Picture above is from the bedroom.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


We have a mermaid living in our bathroom;)
I found her in the trash some years ago, and guess if she was heavy? I wasn´t able to lift her out of the container! I had to climb inside the container to be able to rescue her. I´ve never thought of myself as weak, I can stand on my hands and carry my own weight! And I weigh far more than this mannequin! She was in an awful state, I think she must have had eye-lashes glued, because the paint was all gone from the eyelids and the paint on the head was also almost gone.
I painted the eyelids (with nailpolish!) and then covered the head with a vintage bathingcap, that unfortunately is slowly falling apart :(

The signs on the mirror are my wierd sence of humour. The first says "Varning för nakenbadare" (=beware/ or warning of nude bathers) and the second says "Dykning förbjuden" (= Diving prohibited). Seriously, I smile at the signs every day when I´ve had a shower and see myself naked in the mirror! Very cheap entertainment, they cost a few crowns at the Designtorget-shop in Stockholm.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Onerva - women of the city

Yesterday I attended an exhibition at the Ateneum art Museum. I was charmed. I walked amongst the beautifully displayed items, books, photographs, clothes, shoes, letters, postcards, furniture, carriage, hurdy-gurdy, moving images (films) sculptures and paintings. I fell in love with L. Onerva, with Helsinki and femininity.
I will defenately make another visit. I purchaised the book that is published in connection to this exhibition. It´s an homage to my city, Helsinki.

Here is a little introduction I borrowed from the museum pages:

The exhibition focuses on the cultural life of young women in 1910s Helsinki through the eyes of writer and critic L. Onerva (1882–1972). She studied art history at university, lived on her own, enjoyed the cultural scene of the city, had an active social life, got married, ran away, got divorced, and had a secret affair. She made her living and supported her writer's career by teaching and translating, and above all by journalism and art reviews.

In this exhibition, Onerva introduces us to her Helsinki: art galleries, theatre premieres, films, cafés, restaurants, concerts, and other social events. She also reveals the flipside of an independent life: debts, limits to her freedom, and moral judgement.

The exhibition features plenty of art from the era, from Ateneum's own collections as well as other museums. Pioneers of early Finnish modernism, such as Helene Schjerfbeck, Sulho Sipilä and Yrjö Ollila, depicted modern man and the urban culture of the time.

The curator of the exhibition is PhD Anna Kortelainen. In connection to the exhibition there will also be a book coming out, published by Tammi.

Below is the cover of Anna Kortelainen´s book "Naisen tie" (A woman´s path) about L. Onerva. In the picture she is wearing her "Student dress", the front is covered with flowers. It was the style of that era to decorate your dress with real flowers on your graduation day. The dress is shown at the exhibition, and it is covered with flowers. Ah, one my favorites.

PS. If any of you are planning on seeing the exhibition and understand finnish, then I do recommend lending a voice-guide (3€). It was such a pleasure to hear Anna Kortelainen lead me through the many rooms, eras and many atmosperes. I would defenately have missed out on some minor details and witty comments without it;)

She defenately knows her Onerva and puts you in the right mood as soon as you step in and stand underneath the antique carriage (!).

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Today I went for a long walk.
I met a very friendly dog. I heard a few dogs barking further away, but did not see them.
I saw plenty of bums when I walked past the garden-allotments;)
I heard children laugh and shout. They must have been playing somewhere nearby. Later I saw children cykling as fast as they could, filled with spring.
I saw birds busy busy busy building. I thought the birdsong-cacaphony was slightly funny and so adorable. I saw lots of bumblebees!
The ground was filled with wood-anemones. The trees had mouse-ears.
I heard the roaring river, I saw small streams.
The sun made me warm. The soft breeze played with my hair. I hugged a birch-tree (!) and my top was covered with birch-bark.
I found a tennisball. I guess perhaps a dog has lost it.

I picked a few wood-anemones, pictured above.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


Today I´ve had time to look. I sometimes need days like this, when I can absorb my surroundings and be in my own little world. In other words, charge my batteries. That reminds me of a fantastic film I saw years ago at the Love & Anarchy film festival in Helsinki, the film is called I´m a cyborg but that´s ok. And here is a trailer.

Above is an old tin tile, I think it is beautiful.
And an old 1930´s oilpainting from France.