Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy saturday

It´s been a lovely day today. Been to the Kumpula village festival, where the Limingantie-street is closed off for traffic and turned into a kilometer long fleamarket, there´s plenty of performers, stands where you can buy coffee and snacks. My friend lives there so I ended up lying on their sofa for a few hours, enjoying their children and their lovely home.
Then took the bus into Kaisaniemi park where the World Village festival was going on. I met up with my husband as we decided to enjoy our dinner there, I had Kambodzan food, delicious.
Then we cykled home and I picked lilacs and apple to place in a vase.
It has been a lovely day.

Above is a picture I took of a cyklist making watercircles.


ilovemyhouse said...

You truly had a happy saturday. Mine was filled with working in the garden, sunday was filled with rain.xx

sinnlighet said...

Du är för härlig, och är duktig på att illustrerar din feeling med hjälp av bilder. Själv hade jag en ökensöndag ;)

Tack för kommentar hos mig!!