Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sense in shells

I watched the BBC mini-series of Sense and sensibility. I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the visual aspect, the colours, the light, the scenery and of course the setting. Such fine details.
The bedroom that Marianne and Elinor share in the cottage is charming, and I fell for the hanging shells;)
We used to have hanging shells in our house when we lived in France. I was a young girl at the time. And above you can see what I´ve done with the shells I picked, in France, when I was a young girl. I can´t believe I´ve kept the shells for this long!

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Firefly said...

I noticed the shells in S & S also. I love the way you've hung yours. Makes me want to go find my shell collection. Did you use a little drill to make the holes for the string?