Sunday, 2 May 2010


Today I went for a long walk.
I met a very friendly dog. I heard a few dogs barking further away, but did not see them.
I saw plenty of bums when I walked past the garden-allotments;)
I heard children laugh and shout. They must have been playing somewhere nearby. Later I saw children cykling as fast as they could, filled with spring.
I saw birds busy busy busy building. I thought the birdsong-cacaphony was slightly funny and so adorable. I saw lots of bumblebees!
The ground was filled with wood-anemones. The trees had mouse-ears.
I heard the roaring river, I saw small streams.
The sun made me warm. The soft breeze played with my hair. I hugged a birch-tree (!) and my top was covered with birch-bark.
I found a tennisball. I guess perhaps a dog has lost it.

I picked a few wood-anemones, pictured above.

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sinnlighet said...

Du skriver så vackert så vackert så jag nästan tror att Du är en poet!! Önskar jag kunde se livet så sinnligt!!