Wednesday, 30 June 2010


During the weekend I started a bagfactory!
When my husbands grandmother died, we found plenty of lace tablerunners, but they tend to be left in drawers and cupboards, never really found them useful, I decided to do something about that and started making bags...
Above is a bag I made for my husband´s aunt, she´s not a handbag type, so a light summer-bag should come in use for her. I used linen for the actual bag and lined it with floral cottonfabric, to give it a proper summerfeel (and thought it suited the romantic style). For my sister-in-law and their cousin and for myself, I made smaller handbags, but they need wooden or bamboo handles to finish off the look. I will go hunting for those today! I would like to use vintage handles, but they seem hard to come by. I´ll post a pic of them once they are ready.

Thank you for your kind comments on the summerhouse, it is a jewel. The wallpaper is in fact handpainted by my father. He does work like that on commission. Now he is retired but he still does his occasional work, now and then, and depending on how compelling the project is.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Home sweet home.
I´ve had a wonderful midsummer in the countryside. Lots of sun and fun!
We´re heading out to grab something to eat so this is a short post.
Above are pics from the summerhouse.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


It´s midsummer and we´re heading east, to the countryside.
A few hrs driving and then a sauna, a lake, lots of delicacies, sparkling wine, barbeque, beer, reading, playing games (I´ve packed Scrabble and petanque), lots of herbal tea, flowers, strawberries and ice-cream, chocolate, kisses, late mornings, handstands, cartwheels, radioprogrammes, old LP´s and white nights. And maybe (please please please!) long endless lines drawn on my back. If I was a cat, I would purr just by writing about it!

Above is my zither. I cannot play well, but I´m enjoying the little I can. I love the sound. It smells old. And it´s slightly broken. It´s very beatiful.

Happy midsummer everyone.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Late dinner and a house band

As we´re both very busy now before the holidays, we have created a new habit, we dine very late. It happens often in the summer that we dine later than during the rest of the year.
Usually my husband is the one who creates our dinners, but tonight I knew he would be very late so I suggested I would take care of dinner. I sent him out for a run as soon as he came home and prepared a lovely salad for us.
Placed 3 different salads (incl. wild rucola/ arugula) on plates, I boiled green asparagus in lots of salt and sugar (I hate asparagus that is tasteless) then cut to smaller bits and let cool (if served in salads I prefer it lukewarm), cherry tomatoes, a few leafs of basil, mozzarella, passionfruit and hot smoked salmon. And a glass of cold white wine.

He was so tired, he retired almost emmediately after dinner. Poor aimable darling lovelovelove thing. Husband. But this is how reality is in creative professions. I must start calling him by name here as it feels not like me to talk about a person as a husband. And funny thing, if you cut that word in two, , hus band, it translates in sweadish, house band. Very funny.

I´m planning to take a short walk before going to bed, it´s a beautiful evening.

Good night friends.
Above. Well, part of large collection of boxes. I´ve always had a thing for boxes. And a certain house band.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Sweet wabble

Finally the weekend is here! It has been a rather hectic week. But I´ve also had time to meet friends. But not my husband:( He is even more busy than I am. He kisses me early in the morning before he cykles to work and late in the evening when he climbes into bed. We´ll have time to actually spend time with each other when we´re on holiday. And that is just around the corner.
Daily I have enjoyed my morning coffee in the sun on the balcony, enjoyed the lavender, oregano, basil, violets, coriander and sweet pea that I have growing in pots. Once I had strawberries, that was fun! Maybe I should get a plant, it´s not too late...

Many of you asked about the wallpaper printing block. Basically, it has been used to print wallpaper. I would assume it is first beeing rolled or covered in paint, and then rolled onto wallpaper to create a pattern. I am of curious sort, so I predict I will try it out.

As I miss my darling (and it´s a good feeling) I will listen to this song as it sort of goes well with the image. Perhaps a bit too, no, terribly sweet, but I forgive myself this weakness. The object of my affection would not appreciate this song. I also don´t think he enjoys the sign in the flowerpot, but as he loves me, he doesn´t say it or make a remark. He is very kind. And that is one of the reasons I love him so very much. The silly "kiss me"-sign is made out of an old spoon. I will kiss him, his face, his neck, his hands, his mouth, his eyes...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hectic before the holidays

I´ve been too busy. I don´t like it when the pace is too hectic. But it´s a last squeeze and then it´s holiday-time!
I walked past a fleamarket today on my way home and found this wallpaper-printers block. I washed it and oiled it and it turned out wonderful. The metalpieces that would have been the sailboats on paper, are very sharp.

I picked wildrose petals aswell, I place them on a plate by our bed, it is so lovely to feel the rosescent when lying in bed, I think it´s the air from the open window that carries the soft scent and it is that moment I love, just before falling asleep.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Blurry askew

This is how I feel. I feel I´m all different images, combined but separate, blurry and askew.
On wednesday we took our last farewell of Nicolas. It was a beautiful funeral. The ceremony was held without any spiritual or religious referrings, as I ( and all of us who loved him) know that Nicolas was an atheist. I feel the ceremony showed enormous respect to a fantastic loved cherished unique multi-talented person. I´ve never before met a person who with confidence plays piano prima vista.
This song was played.
Today it is raining. It clears the air. I´m meeting my friends at a café soon.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day three @ Creativity Boot Camp

"Layers" was the word for today. And I thought of butterflies.
I was insired by an artist (I cannot for the life of me remember her name!!!) but what I do remember was her painting of a butterfly. This is not a replica, but it most certainly is inspired by her. I decided to tackle the task emmediately as I am engaged rest of the day.
My goodness I´m brave! Here I am loading images of my drawings! I can´t believe it.

Creativity Boot Camp

Ok, so I decided to join the Creativity Boot Camp. Inspired by Andrea at Fit to be Seen.
And I´ve even decided to challenge myself, I chose an artform that I´m not at all comfortable with! Drawing! I have never liked my drawings, nor have I ever thought I CAN draw. So, during two weeks, I will make a drawing every day. I am doing this for myself. The drawings do not have to be perfect, and I don´t have to show them, but it can also be liberating to show work that aren´t perfect finished ready...

I did day one, wrote a letter to myself, and drew "Ivory". Then had a large cup of coffe, and decided to have a go at assignment for day two, "picnic" and I emmediately thought of lilacs. I have been invited to a picnic on saturday (unfortunately the weather forecast has promised us heavy rains...) and the place where the picnic will be held is surrounded by lilacs...

Monday, 7 June 2010

Mellan hägg och syren

That is sweadish and means between Bird-cherry and Lilacs. Or in fact between the blooming of these trees. It is also an old saying, meaning a very brief moment. The actual time period is so short that it´s not likely to really exist at all;)

Today I´ve had a quiet day, mostly listening to Anna Järvinen. This song is lovely.

Above is an old apothecary sign, I believe it reads lilac blooms.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Green wedding

Today we are invited to a wedding. I love weddings. But I always cry!
It is a beautiful summerday here in Helsinki, but very windy - I better watch out as my dress has a helm that easily wants to fly or I may end up posing á la Marilyn Monroe;) It is made of recykling-material, lustrous green parachute-dress (made out of an old parachute). And for the first time in my life, I´m wearing a green shade of eyeshadow (I´m sharing very important information here).

Above, my "pink line" in the bedroom.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Summer yoga

I´ve signed up for a hot yoga course!
I love doing yoga, I´ve done it for years, first started off with the more traditional meditating yoga and then got more interested in the hatha and now I´m more interested in astanga. But I´ve only tried hot yoga a few times before. The first time I tried, I cried! I could not believe how flexible I was! I am by nature very flexible, but in hot yoga, I was a catwoman;) That also shows that had we all lived in a warmer climates, we could all be yogis;)
Anyhow, a week filled with yoga yoga and even more yoga, that should cleanse me of any stress and worries.

Above is a bouquet of apple and lilacs.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


It is almost summerholiday for most schoolchildren, just a few more days and it is time to sing in the summer. Children will dress up, prepare gifts for their teachers, rehers the performances, the songs. For many it´s a long time apart from dear friends, but also time for a long adventure. I used to be so excited the last days before summerholiday.
We used to all sing Den blomstertid, it´s a psalm. In some schools it is no longer a tradition to sing this song due to some considering it beeing offending to other religions.
I personally miss the tradition and wish that not all traditions should be dismissed, especially since I cannot for the life of me see how this beautiful song could be offending. But, I have not followed the dialogue leading to the dismissal of this song beeing sung at the end of term.

Above is an old schoolclass from 1912. On the back there´s a list of the students. I wonder what happened to them in life. Some of them maybe fell during the wars, the WWI and II or in the Finnish Civil War in 1918.
Some found work, some maybe studied for a profession, some perhaps moved to America (as the trend was in the beginning of last century), some perhaps ended up in jail, perhaps some of them robbed a bank or maybe some of them fell in love in school... moved into a small house, sat on the stairs in the summer-evening, sipping on some homemade juice, brushing of some dust from their hair, playing with sunburned toes, the flies buzzing, the cuckoo cuckoo in the far distance...