Wednesday, 30 June 2010


During the weekend I started a bagfactory!
When my husbands grandmother died, we found plenty of lace tablerunners, but they tend to be left in drawers and cupboards, never really found them useful, I decided to do something about that and started making bags...
Above is a bag I made for my husband´s aunt, she´s not a handbag type, so a light summer-bag should come in use for her. I used linen for the actual bag and lined it with floral cottonfabric, to give it a proper summerfeel (and thought it suited the romantic style). For my sister-in-law and their cousin and for myself, I made smaller handbags, but they need wooden or bamboo handles to finish off the look. I will go hunting for those today! I would like to use vintage handles, but they seem hard to come by. I´ll post a pic of them once they are ready.

Thank you for your kind comments on the summerhouse, it is a jewel. The wallpaper is in fact handpainted by my father. He does work like that on commission. Now he is retired but he still does his occasional work, now and then, and depending on how compelling the project is.


ilovemyhouse said...

A bagfactory! You are very creative and that bag looks really nice. XX

CrowNology said...

How amazing about your Father painting the wallpaper!
Creativity all around...