Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Day three @ Creativity Boot Camp

"Layers" was the word for today. And I thought of butterflies.
I was insired by an artist (I cannot for the life of me remember her name!!!) but what I do remember was her painting of a butterfly. This is not a replica, but it most certainly is inspired by her. I decided to tackle the task emmediately as I am engaged rest of the day.
My goodness I´m brave! Here I am loading images of my drawings! I can´t believe it.


linnea-maria said...

Vilken härlig bild! Jag önskar att jag hade tid att sätta mig ner och måla lite eller vara kreativ. Men jag hinner ju aldrig. Lycka till med kreativiteten /Therese

CrowNology said...

I love this!
The colours are fabulous!