Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hectic before the holidays

I´ve been too busy. I don´t like it when the pace is too hectic. But it´s a last squeeze and then it´s holiday-time!
I walked past a fleamarket today on my way home and found this wallpaper-printers block. I washed it and oiled it and it turned out wonderful. The metalpieces that would have been the sailboats on paper, are very sharp.

I picked wildrose petals aswell, I place them on a plate by our bed, it is so lovely to feel the rosescent when lying in bed, I think it´s the air from the open window that carries the soft scent and it is that moment I love, just before falling asleep.


Don said...

What a unique find...will you use it?

Agneta said...

Hej tjejen, vilket vackert fynd men fattar inte vad det är riktigt. Jag skall botanisera runt en stund på Din blogg, det var länge sedan jag var här på besök. Tack för Dina sköna hälsningar hos mig!


ilovemyhouse said...

I never heard of such a thing. I love your wallpaper in the back. Looks beautiful. xx

CrowNology said...

What an amazing thing to find!
I am inspired to go get some wild rose petals now too! They smell so wonderful!
Thank you for your lovely words...