Tuesday, 1 June 2010


It is almost summerholiday for most schoolchildren, just a few more days and it is time to sing in the summer. Children will dress up, prepare gifts for their teachers, rehers the performances, the songs. For many it´s a long time apart from dear friends, but also time for a long adventure. I used to be so excited the last days before summerholiday.
We used to all sing Den blomstertid, it´s a psalm. In some schools it is no longer a tradition to sing this song due to some considering it beeing offending to other religions.
I personally miss the tradition and wish that not all traditions should be dismissed, especially since I cannot for the life of me see how this beautiful song could be offending. But, I have not followed the dialogue leading to the dismissal of this song beeing sung at the end of term.

Above is an old schoolclass from 1912. On the back there´s a list of the students. I wonder what happened to them in life. Some of them maybe fell during the wars, the WWI and II or in the Finnish Civil War in 1918.
Some found work, some maybe studied for a profession, some perhaps moved to America (as the trend was in the beginning of last century), some perhaps ended up in jail, perhaps some of them robbed a bank or maybe some of them fell in love in school... moved into a small house, sat on the stairs in the summer-evening, sipping on some homemade juice, brushing of some dust from their hair, playing with sunburned toes, the flies buzzing, the cuckoo cuckoo in the far distance...

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Floss said...

It's incredible to think of the lives that went on after the photo was taken...

Thanks for that glimpse of Finnish life, then and now. In France no religious songs have been sung in the state schools since the Revolution. In the UK, they might be sung at Christmas time, although there is the same fear (usually needless, I think) that people of different religions might be offended. I'm going to find out more about your psalm now.