Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Late dinner and a house band

As we´re both very busy now before the holidays, we have created a new habit, we dine very late. It happens often in the summer that we dine later than during the rest of the year.
Usually my husband is the one who creates our dinners, but tonight I knew he would be very late so I suggested I would take care of dinner. I sent him out for a run as soon as he came home and prepared a lovely salad for us.
Placed 3 different salads (incl. wild rucola/ arugula) on plates, I boiled green asparagus in lots of salt and sugar (I hate asparagus that is tasteless) then cut to smaller bits and let cool (if served in salads I prefer it lukewarm), cherry tomatoes, a few leafs of basil, mozzarella, passionfruit and hot smoked salmon. And a glass of cold white wine.

He was so tired, he retired almost emmediately after dinner. Poor aimable darling lovelovelove thing. Husband. But this is how reality is in creative professions. I must start calling him by name here as it feels not like me to talk about a person as a husband. And funny thing, if you cut that word in two, , hus band, it translates in sweadish, house band. Very funny.

I´m planning to take a short walk before going to bed, it´s a beautiful evening.

Good night friends.
Above. Well, part of large collection of boxes. I´ve always had a thing for boxes. And a certain house band.


ilovemyhouse said...

What a great idea, a late night dinner, just to have some time together. The only problem with me is that i'm already hungry at five o'clock :) XX

gamla skolan said...

Sounds lovely !! // Susanne ♥

Mélanie A. said...

Your diner sounds wonderful . I love your collection of boxes