Thursday, 24 June 2010


It´s midsummer and we´re heading east, to the countryside.
A few hrs driving and then a sauna, a lake, lots of delicacies, sparkling wine, barbeque, beer, reading, playing games (I´ve packed Scrabble and petanque), lots of herbal tea, flowers, strawberries and ice-cream, chocolate, kisses, late mornings, handstands, cartwheels, radioprogrammes, old LP´s and white nights. And maybe (please please please!) long endless lines drawn on my back. If I was a cat, I would purr just by writing about it!

Above is my zither. I cannot play well, but I´m enjoying the little I can. I love the sound. It smells old. And it´s slightly broken. It´s very beatiful.

Happy midsummer everyone.

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