Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Summer yoga

I´ve signed up for a hot yoga course!
I love doing yoga, I´ve done it for years, first started off with the more traditional meditating yoga and then got more interested in the hatha and now I´m more interested in astanga. But I´ve only tried hot yoga a few times before. The first time I tried, I cried! I could not believe how flexible I was! I am by nature very flexible, but in hot yoga, I was a catwoman;) That also shows that had we all lived in a warmer climates, we could all be yogis;)
Anyhow, a week filled with yoga yoga and even more yoga, that should cleanse me of any stress and worries.

Above is a bouquet of apple and lilacs.


ilovemyhouse said...

I think i'm the worlds stiffest person ( my body that is). So i think this could be a good idea for me too.Also the anti stress would suit me fine. Hope you have a good time hottie! xx

littlebyrd said...

I've only done hot yoga once and I loved it. Enjoy!!