Monday, 12 July 2010

Confessions at night

I will miss reading The God of small things. (I seem to have missed it in ´97, when it was published and won the Booker Prize).
It aches to say goodbye. I feel that a little moth has landed on my heart.
What a capturing novel. And what a sad funny beautiful story. Thank you Arundhati Roy.

I replied to an e-mail to my dear friend E on thursday. This is what he wrote today (I asked him if he had read The God of small things).

"On Thursday, the day you wrote and sent the corresponding e-mail, I was cutting some ivy from a wall. In doing so I was revelling the hiding places of many insects, leaving them exposed to the two robins who were bobbing along expectantly beside me. I thought about how my actions were having a direct consequence on the life of these little creatures, and that was when the book title "The God of small things" popped into my head. I remembered having enjoyed reading it and decided that I should dig it out of storage and read it again soon. Then you mention it a few hours later. Have you been hacking into my thoughts?"

This happens quite a lot. For us. We also happen to have almost identical taste when it comes to art, film, interests, outlook in life, political views, taste in music...

Above is also my evening snack. Grapes and plums. Sweet. A plum plum. Who said that? The english patient.

Last night I felt very restless. How I used to feel when I was young. Or younger. I can be quite intense. Or rather used to be. What I enjoy with getting older is how I have become calmer somehow. Calmer inside.
I used to cykle standing, so that it felt more. To exhaust myself. I cykled a lot. I still haven´t lost the ability to throw myself, but it is less intense. And I still cykle standing - at times.
I listened to La Lupe last night, it triggered off the restless feeling. I think the combination of La Lupe (especially Puro Teatro) and the warm humid nights (it´s tropical here in Finland) makes anybody restless! I used to dance salsa regularly and last night I could have traded an arm to have a dancepartner right here, right now;) I danced, of course, with my invisible partner.
"The houseband" doesn´t care for this sort of dancing.;)


ilovemyhouse said...

I am so going to read this book. I was looking for a good summer read. Thanks for the tip.( and for supporting the Dutch team) XX

Don said...

Thanks for the idea. I think maybe I'll read it too!

Paula said...

It's a wonderful book! And I think you should have danced right then and there:)

CrowNology said...

thank you...

i will look for that book as i peruse the shelves of've convinced me...
i too am boils in my belly and makes me feel ill...perhaps i need to dance too! lets do it alone together!
be well.

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

I read this book and it is one of my all time favorites. I saw the author once interviewed and she is magically beautiful.

I Love your blog! Your photos are so yummy!