Saturday, 17 July 2010

dnekeeW yppaH

Last night I met my friend M for an aperitif by the sea. We sat there for quite a while, enjoying the weather, the breeze from the sea and the fantastic view.
Then we cykled to a Thai-restaurant and enjoyed a loooong dinner.
We finished off the night with drinks in a bar.
We talked and talked and talked... I fell asleep with a huuuuge smile on my face. This morning I woke up and giggled through breakfast, remembering funny details from last night.

"The houseband" left this morning for a long cyklerun, he is due to cykle from Helsinki to Kouvola. It will take him approx. 7hrs to cykle as he cannot cykle along the motorways. He is very happy right now. I know! He has been texting me along the way, keeps me update where he is and how he is doing. I´m soon expecting to hear from him that he has reached his destination.

Tiny dragongfly printed on silkpaper above.

Happy Weekend!

PS. And I have just heard that my own "yellow jersey" has arrived safely to his destination. He said it was extremely hot at places (it has been a very hot humid day here) and he guessed he had cykled almost 180km!!!


Don said...

!Uoy ta kcab

ilovemyhouse said...

Wow, sporty "houseband". Have a happy Sunday. XX

Agneta said...

Ohhhhh Du, en man som vet Ditt värde - eller hur! Underbart att Du mår bra, och så blev jag glad över Din kommentar hos mig!