Saturday, 31 July 2010

Explaining Meryl

It is no longer as hot as it has been. It´s not humid anymore. I prefer it this way.

Found an article in yesterdays paper about the Kensington roof gardens in London. I must pay a visit when I visit end of august.
Here´s a link if any of you are in London:

I´ve always had a weak spot for city gardens. In Paris I always try to visit the garden at Musée Rodin on 79, rue de Varenne. Once upon a time, when a certain young woman (head over heels in love), living in the 17th arrondissemnent (!), needed a place to rest read write, she used to go to this garden. It wakes memories in me. When I hear or read the last words of Hemingways A moveable feast , "But this is how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy", I emmediately think of the garden at 79, rue de Varenne.
I´ve also been terribly sad and lonely in Paris. So the city doesn´t hold only nice good memories for me.

Above is an image of Meryl Streep from the film The French Lieutenant´s woman. The image is from a newspaper, I just loved the colours and the texture of the paper. I don´t usually have images of actors or musicians around (I´ve never really understood what it is like to be a "fan")...I don´t see this image as beeing of Meryl, it is of her character in the film. She is so beautiful in this picture. She still is. And such a talented actress. Wow, I seem to have a huge need to explain this image. Or justify having a framed image of Meryl Streep;)

PS. That is not entirely true. That I don´t have images of actors around. I do now. I have placed that image of "The kiss" from the film My blueberry nights back on my fridge door. To make me smile.

PPS. I am a little silly. Makes me smile to think I need to justify that image of Meryl. Or as we say in finnish "sä oot ihan hönö". That is what I am, a little hönö.


Genie said...

Nina, you are too funny with your last statement. I feel the same way about the garden at Musée Rodan -- lovely story, too.

aurinko ja kuu said...

Mmh. Meryl Streep on ihana! Ehkä kaikkein paras, vaikka sinun laillasi en ole fanittaja tyyppiä ja pidän monista, aina tilanteen mukaan.
Kiva, kun löysin blogisi. Käyn uudestaankin.

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh yes, Meryl Streep is my favorite actrice. Thanks for the invitation dearie, if the wind takes me to Finland i might just show up :)I would love to visit your country but i'm afraid i need more timem with the old VW.
Have a happy week!