Thursday, 15 July 2010


First it took the shape of a cloud. Then turned into humidity. Slowly but finally (infine) it turned into drops of water. Rain. Heavenly rain.

I bought this fly-swatter whilst on holiday in Italy. We were cykling and I was not able to bring heavy souvenirs;)
I hated cykling in the long tunnels, the cars and especially trucks, blew their horns when they passed us, probably to warn others. But everytime it happened, it scared the life out of me. I cykled as fast as I could and my adrenaline levels must have been sky-high! I loved the air, the landscape, the velvet nights, the language, the food, the wine, the streets, the houses, the faces, the waters, the design, the style. The italians have fantastic style. Even when it´s steamy hot and humid. Their sense for detail, ah!
I could eat italian food. DAILY. No problem with that at all. I would have a very content happy tummy, grazie mille.

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Pia said...

Wow! Ihania juttuja ja kauniita teoksia blogissasi. Käytännöllinen matkamuisto tuo kärpäslätkä!Tuo kirja pitänee lukea, josta kirjoitat edellisessä postauksessasi...

Niin, ja kiitos vierailustasi blogilandiassani!

Helteistä loppuviikkoa (5 tippaa satoi juuri)!