Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Laziest Gal In town

I woke up to sunbeams playing. Dishes clatter, must have been my neighbour doing the dishes. I stretched. I had coffee. Enjoyed breakfast on the balcony. Ah, lazy sunday morning.
I have done absolutely nothing. I breathe in. And out.
I think it is soon time for lunch;)

Today I am master-jeee-jeeee-champion at beeing lazy. I love it! I´m The Laziest Gal In town.

Me. Amongst my collection of pewter (or is it called tin?) objects. My friend K always complains that I´m unrecognisable in photos, she says it´s because I have a lively face;)

And here is me approx 35yrs ago;) No, it must be more than that. Maybe 37yrs ago!


ilovemyhouse said...

Nothing greater than a lazy sunday. Me i'm doing the laundry of my youngest daughter's horsecamp :(. But once i've finished AAH! Thanks for your lovely comment. Enjoy your laziness!
p.s. love to see the picture. It's so good to see the face that belongs to a blog. XX


Helt rätt, man ska bara ha det gott ibland och göra ingenting.
Superfint foto du har i din header.
Stor kram

littlebyrd said...

Hello pretty lady! Lazy sundays are the best!!

Maleviks Rosenträdgård said...

Fin Blog :)

linnea-maria said...

Recognizable or not, you look lovely. Själv tycker jag aldrig att jag känner igen mig själv på korten, inte ser jag väl så sur, glåmig, tjock, blek osv ut ;)
Kram /Therese

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love being lazy! It's a beautiful thing! Enjoy! XO!

Ann said...

LOVE the color, Nina!
I admire it when one follows their heart and does what they want to do.

When you find a whole dress photo, let me know, OK? I look forward to seeing it!