Thursday, 8 July 2010

A little film about rain

It has been a very humid day. Suddenly the sky broke and I could hear the thunder somewhere in the distance. And now it is finally pouring down with rain. The earth is thankful. It is one of those showers we used to just love as kids, off with the clothes, run and play, enjoy a proper rainshower. I still love doing that, but as I´m in the city I better behave;)
Funny thing I just remembered, I used to attend a dance-class late in the evenings and usually it was just me staying behind having a shower and getting dressed. So in the shower-room there were loads of rainshowers, you know the fixed showers that pours water from above, so I suddenly decided to turn them all on (not very ecological I suppose!). I started running through all the showers and just playing around when I suddenly heard my dance teacher laugh, she said she heard some peculiar noises and thought she better have a look what on earth is going on in the showers;)
Truth is, I´m related to fish, I simply love water.

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linnea-maria said...

Hi hi. Jag kan tänka mig synen din lärare fick. :) Men visst är det härligt att vara barnslig, man måste fortsätta leka livet ut. Kram /Therese