Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Blueberry Nights

Today was the hottest day in Finland, 37,2 °c (98,6 °F)!
I didn´t do much.
Got a beautiful text from a number I didn´t recognize, replied that it probably was intended to someone else than me, that it probably was sent to the wrong number...had a very sweet reply, but I left it at that. I thought it could be a fun start to a story...but then I went out cykling and picked blueberries to place in a variety of bottles. The subtle scent is lovely, especially in this heat. I would love a blueberry-perfume...maybe the heat has soften my brain. I´m not at my best in tropical heat. One should just be a hammock...

Oh, just remembered. I watched My Blueberry Nights by Wong Kar Wai last night. That kiss in the end, what can I say, makes my knees weak.
There must be a connection with my obsession of blueberries today...
I also now remember I used to have a picture of that kiss on my fridge. I should place it back. I used to feel so happy and warm looking at it. Kisses, certain kisses, are the best thing in this world;)

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Genie said...

Perhaps you can find a blueberry perfume. It does not sound odd to me. I think I may try to make blueberry macarons or a lemon macaron with a blueberry filling. We have local blueberry farms where you can pick for yourself.

I will have to see about the film you mentioned.