Sunday, 22 August 2010

Can you feel it?

All day today I´ve had this feeling in my tummy. I cannot explain the feeling. It is not worry, nor anxiety. The feeling is a little restless.
There´s autumn in the air. The nights are really chilly. And the skies are filled with stars.

Today I´ve listened to Kings of convenience. I love their music. For ex. this song.

Above is a picture taken today. Autumn is defenately in the air.

Thank you all for your kind comments. My heart has grown huge. Because of you. I wish I could kiss and hug you all.


Genie said...

Nina, I cannot feel it yet and we won't where I live until at least October. At least I can read your sweet words and imagine the breath of fall in the air. Merci!

Pia said...

Tack för titten inne hos mig!
Ja, jag KAN, om jag vill, känna en aning av den kommande hösten - men för mig är augusti alltid ännu sommar (och - jag börjar i dag min semester!!!!!)!!!!

Nu måste jag genast till butiken för att köpa Kodin Kuvalehti! Hoppas de har det nummret kvar!


Shannon Fricke said...

I know that feeling... for me it's a slight sadness about the end of summer. lovely blog. said...

In Berlin sieht es auch nicht viel anderes auch. Sommer adé,- Kalte , nebelige herbstage sind in anmarsch...Da wird man gleich leicht melankolisch...