Thursday, 5 August 2010

Details, it´s all in the details

I love details. Small details. That´s probabaly why I´m a museum lover.
I´ve had this image of the russian ballet-costume by Léon Bakst for a long long time. I had a vision in my mind that I wanted it to be a background for something...and found this lovely shadowbox in my favorite shop, LittleByrdVintage.
You see why I had to purchaise the shadowbox;) I placed a dried rose inside it until something more fascinating will find its way inside the box.
This image was featured in one of my favorite museums, Dansmuseet (Dancemuseum) in Stockholm. They have a little café where I used to spend plenty of time in the 90´s when I lived and worked in Stockholm. The city for me is very romantic. Due to the fact that just before I moved there, I met a wonderful person whom I fell in love with. We, no in fact it was mainly he, who travelled back and forth between Helsinki and Stockholm. That was way before e-mail and mobile-phones were at everyones disposal. We wrote loads of letters and did make the occasional phonecall abroad!
Later I married this wonderful person. And Stockholm is forever the city where I´ve walked endless streets aching with longing, I´ve cried and kissed at all the departure- and arrival-terminals (flight and ferry), and I´ve been very very happy. I still am. But that´s no news for you is it?

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That's good news!