Monday, 16 August 2010

Enduring Love

I´ve had this image on the wall (ripped off a magazine in 2004). I saw it plenty of times as a huge poster on the London Underground as I spent a fair amount of time there during the autumn and end of year. Not under ground - but in the city;)
I like the constellation, the colours, that something does in fact happen.
I´ve never seen the film. I think I was put off by the critics. Which isn´t really my way, I do occasionally read filmcritics. I take it all in but I usually want to make my own judgement.
Nor have I read the book. My fellowblogger Kati at Piilomaja has just read Ian McEwan´s novel.
I´ve had plenty of opportunity to read it. A friend even took out his own copy and offered it to me. I forgot it on the table when I left.

I live in an apartment. I keep all windows open during the summer.
During the day I can hear the hairdresser laugh. She has a hairsalon, open every second day. She smokes. She talks to people. And she laughs.
An older neighbour, Mrs. T., has very bad hearing. I know when she is on the balcony, as her hearing aid beeps loudly. To be honest, I think it must be in urgent need of a new battery. She also likes to comment and talk to people from where she stands. The sad thing is that she cannot hear the responses. She sounds like a crow. In a positive way. You see, when she is having a conversation with her son (who now lives with her and takes care of her) she cannot hear what he says, so she keeps saying "vad" and in spoken form "va". She repeats this "va" in a manner that brings to mind a crow.

When I first moved in, I had a french neighbour in the opposite building. I don´t know if she was french, but that was the only language I heard her speaking, so I assumed she was. We called her Madame F. She spent plenty of time in her balcony. And she had a friend. They spoke in french. I loved how it echoed over the garden. After a few summers, there were no flowers on the balcony. And then I never saw her again.

I must read that novel.


Genie said...

Nina, me thinks that perhaps you should write a novel with a cover photo by you, bien sûr.

shari @ little blue deer said...

How fascinating! You do need to write a book! I used to have crazy neighbors in NYC that fought constantly and it came through my windows, it was awful! XX!

Don said...

Some things just take time.

Nina said...

Write a novel, a book!!! Oh my...thank you.
In fact, I am currently working on a children´s book! I´m writing it together with THB (the house band). A slow process...

Don, indeed, some things just take time.

piilomaja said...

Ai tqssä on nyt se kuva. Hauska nähdä se. Elokuvaa en kai uskalla katsoa ettei mene kirja pilalle.