Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Happy Birthday House Band

This morning I sang for my House Band and served breakfast in bed. Very basic stuff. But turned out a success! As you can see, the only things left on the tray are a few breadcrumbs, a Melissa-leaf and two chocolate pastilles;)

I sqeezed oranges for juice. I made two breads (dark rye bread): spread a thin layer of cream cheese, add crispy lettuce, thin slices of goulda cheese, sliced minitomatoes and top with basil-leaves.
Three handmade chocolates (I ate one!) on a bed of chocolate pastilles, sliced fresh fruit (peach, watermelon and mango) on a bed of Melissa. Espresso and hot milk.
Coffee was served in a kitch-cup bought in Stockholm some years ago. It reads "Jag gratulerar" (transl. I congratulate) in the front. We only use it when it´s our birthdays. It has become our tradition. I like that.

It was raining heavily this morning so my plan to pick fresh flowers from the garden wasn´t going to happen, so instead of fresh flowers I used a leaf from a wild plant I spotted in the nearby woods yesterday, it had so lovely colours. I also placed a semi-dried flower in a small bottle and of course a candle.

The House Band was very content. Sweet thing. He really appreciates small gestures. My own House Band (read husband).


linnea-maria said...

Hälsa grattis till din man. Vad mysigt dukat på brickan med blandat porslin. Ha det så gott /Therese

Don said...

You sang? What a lucky house band!

Mira said...

Kul att hitta hit, fin blogg du har! Kram/Mira