Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ikea in my kitchen

I´ve got some Ikea stuff. Not much but some.
The shelf in the kitchen is Albert (if I remember correctly). I painted the shelf white and pinned fabric panels to the sides. The fabric I used is the same as in the cushions and curtain, the Designers Guild teacups (I don´t think this fabric is longer available unfortunately). I attached the fabric with small nobs.

And, I decided to show how much one can try to sqeeeeeeze into a shelf. I admit it´s crowded. But I like it. And the chef in this hosuehold is The Houseband. It´s his cookerybooks. He doesn´t really cook using recipies, he enjoys reading them and uses them for inspiration. I suppose that is cooking at its best.


www.kunsthafen.blogspot.com said...


Nice blog with a such of realy nice things!

Genie said...

Oh, the teacup fabric is wonderful and your shelves are quite interesting. I like the idea of reading cookbooks for inspiration and then going on your own for the recipe.

viilhvile said...

Full shelves always seem more inviting, in a way. Love the fabric, that's a treat!

Indie.Tea said...

What a pretty kitchen! Its so cozy and comfortable...and I adore that teacup print in the first pic.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Love the idea of pinning the fabric! That makes it so much nicer! XO!

Firefly said...

Your kitchen looks so cosy and charming! Love the teacup print -- too bad it's no longer available, isn't it?

Nina said...

Thank you so very very much for your kind comments.
I am not sure if the fabric could be found somewhere. I cannot find it on their website. But if you are interested, I do have inside sources whom I can enquire about the matter.