Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I´ve had such a great day. So far.
Started the day with the most creative and afficient meeting. Time just flew by!
I enjoy working and spending time with people who are straight forward, honest, brave, have a sense of humour and who are here, present.
I often get feedback that I´m very straight forward and when I ask a question, I´m genuine - I am interested. I seem to like people who are similar;)
Well, this meeting was all about that. And so much more!

Last night I met up with friends. We went to see Ottilie perform. My dear friends Ottilie and Jean-Philippe have the most charming duo ever!
Their performance was part of the ongoing Helsinki festivals "fringe" called Art goes Kapakka.
I walked home in a fairly mild augustnight. You can imagine the scene; low and dark velvet sky, the seashore, full moon dancing on the water, Ottilies songs on my skin, and the feeling of happiness and beeing the luckiest girl on the planet. I have such wonderful people in my life. Jeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I bought a shabby tin. From Troc&Broc Vintage Shop.
At times, I like using vintage tin lids as part of a stilleben. This was tempting as the hinges were already missing. Means I didn´t have to brake it;)
This one looks good on its own. It´s like a small romantic flower painting.
Thank you Floss.

The tin box I will use for plants on my balcony.


ilovemyhouse said...

Sounds like your my kind of girl! I like the same type of people and people sometimes are taken back by me being too straightforward. Just got back from my vacation, had a great time, but are too lazy to make a new post :( Hope you had a nice summer too.

swedishouse said...

SNAP I'm like that tooo!
I loooove that tin, I have quite a collection myself. I know that lovely blog too.

Nina what is a Stilleben please?
I'm intrigued please enlighten me ;-)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, I love that tin! What a lovely, romantic day you had!

Nina said...

Dear Julie, a Stilleben is a still life. The term is widely used in northern Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia). It is german.

Floss said...

Oh Nina, it looks lovely! I wish you could photograph everything in my shop! Thanks so much for putting a link to it here.

I guessed a stilleben was a still life - I still chuckle over 'nature morte', which means so much the opposite...

Celeste said...

such a great idea! that tin is beautiful- it will look great on your balcony :)