Thursday, 26 August 2010


I´ve packed my 14 suitcases. The stuffed moose is patiently waiting for us to leave. He has been standing by the door since dawn. The bonsai is very excited. It has never been to my favorite city before. Madame mannequin used to visit freqently in her younger days, she tries to act all grown up and well travelled. (Hih!)
The skates have been a bit of a pain in the *** all morning, they just cannot decide what laces to wear, the white, the beige or the pink! The white, the beige or the pink! The white, the beige or the pink!
The three large Encyclopedia Britannicas are having their usual dry dispute over verbs. Madame mannequin just commented that she is far to clever to be drawn into a discussion about verbs. (I suspect she is fairly dogmatic). She wants to talk about Possessive suffix;)
The tuba is still asleep. I think he came home fairly late. Those musical instruments with their bohemian lifestyles. One can only love them.
The glassdome is very worried. Feels far too fragile to travel. We shall see. We still have some time before we´re heading to the airport.

Wishing you all a fabulous fantastic fun weekend!

See you all next week.

Above is my absolute favorite find I once did in London. A beautiful beaded handbag. The beads are tiny and made of glass.

13 comments: said...

Also, viel spass im London...Und finger weg vom Big Ben! Nicht immer alles einkaufen und nach hause nehmen! :-)

swedishouse said...

Bon Voyage Nina!
Say Hello to Blighty
Have Fun in L-O-N-D-0-N Town ;-)
Julie x

Henrietta said...

Pidä lystiä Löntöössä,mä voisin mahtua yhteen 14 matkalaukusta jos oikein tungetaan.

Nina said...

Zoltan, pleeeease, I really think Big Ben would look great in the kitchen;) But I neeeeeed it! I really dooooooo-wohooooo!
I once saw a child screaming "But I need it" with a toy in her hands while her mum told her she could not have it and had to place it back!

Sweet Old Vintage said...,love,love, the purse... they are one of my great passions...

shari @ little blue deer said...

Have a fabulous trip! So jealous! XX!

Floss said...

I can visualise you all heading off together - can you all fit on the moose's back?

Have a wonderful time.

Kaylovesvintage said...

enjoy my fav city

Mara said...

Hi Nina and thank you for your welcome back message! I've read your blog and love your home! I've tried to become a follower, but today Google has some problems...I will try it tomorrow! in the meantime: have a fantastic time in London, one of my fave city too!!!

Don said...

Have a wonderful time and tell all your pesky friends to behave!

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh great, London is fantastic. Enjoy your trip. To be honest i had to read your post twice and still don't understand what your talking about ( am i stupid?).
Anyways, have fun and watch out with crossing the roads.

Agneta said...

Ha en dejlig resa finaste Nina. Du den där lilla väskan eller vad jag skall kalla den för, är HELT underbar!

Du tjejen, ny tävlingstajm hos mig, bara så Du vet!



jamaica byles said...

I'm very jealous....and LOVE that beaded bag. Great find.Great city. Have fun,