Tuesday, 3 August 2010


She has the most beautiful handwriting. She has a soft warm voice. She is a very stylish woman. She has a huge heart, a heart of gold and she is very gentle. She talks to people in a very natural way. She is a good listener, she is very interested in what people has to say. She is very polite. And always helping. Most people who meet her comment that she is so very warm, so friendly, and they always mention her sense of style.
She is tiny. We always tease her as she is shorter than all of us, even her grandchildren have grown past her;)
She is my mother. Min mamma. She has a very beautiful name. I´m so proud of her. Proud to be her daughter.

This image is taken year 1967, when she graduated, a few months after giving birth to my brother. She is the shorter of the two. I do not know the taller lady.

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Don said...

Your mom seems like such a sweet woman. I suggest you keep her.