Saturday, 7 August 2010


In the weekends I tend to sleep late, enjoy looooong breakfasts, climb back to bed after breakfast, listen to the radio, read the paper I did today.
Now I will enjoy a cup of coffee and some chocolate.

It´s yet another very humid hot day here in Helsinki. These extreme weathers, we had a second thrombus last week in the middle of the country, due to heavy thunders. The forestfires in Russia can be felt here, according to weather forecast the air quality today is poor as the winds have carried the smoke to southern Finland. Previously in the week I could smell the smoke, today I cannot. My heart goes out to the russians forced to live amidst that smoke, and to my fellow countrymen with breathing disorders or asthma.
Here is a link to BBC´s photos of Moscow:

Above is a picture taken this morning through the mirror in the hallway. The end of the bed, my suitcases and hatboxes. The largest suitcase I found in a container a year or two ago. It has great stickers on. The black suitcase is one of my first purchaises I did as a child at an auction. I must have been eight or nine years old. I payed 3 finnish marks for it, it would be approx. 50 cents today. The bigger hatbox is from my grandmother. She was the sweetest gentle "mummu". I still miss her.
On the suitcases you can see my two small silverplates filled with rosepetals I picked last night. I pick petals every night (seriously!) and place by the bed. Small luxury for everyday to be enjoyed;)

Have a fantastic weekend.

PS. Coffee and chocolate on a day like this, not a good idea. It just doesn´t taste good. I´m going for ice-cream instead;)

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m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh Nina, I love suitcases and I love the stories behind yours.

Rose petals by your bedside,
what a great thing to do every night.
i hope you have a wonderful end to the weekend.