Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wierd desires, part 642

Busy week.
I attended a wonderful wedding on tuesday. I danced and laughed so much my whole body was a huuuge smile the next day!
My aunt Linda from Sweden is visiting, and tonight we are meeting up at my cousins house for dinner.
I had an electrician over today to fix a broken socket, and he had the most beautiful long curly hair. I really wanted to touch his hair. To feel it. I didn´t. I sat silently looking at his back and his long curly hair and thought what it might feel like. My wierd desires;)
I once had an erotic dream about a man, he plays the tuba. He has very long hair. In the dream I plait his hair. The next day, everytime I remembered the dream I felt a warmth. I think I was blushing.

Thank you so much for your kind comments regarding my crowded kitchen-shelf.

Got to run. Well, cykle;)

7 comments: said...

Well,- a sensual dream! Maybe you call the electrician one more back!:)

Jenni said...

Ihastuttavia värejä sinulla täällä! Nuo oikean laidan kuvatkin on kuin karkkeja!

Firefly said...

Ooooo, I love men with long hair too! Must be a throwback to my old hippy days ;-)? Your dream reminds me of the scene in "The English Patient" where the Sikh Indian soldier is washing his long hair outside the Italina villa. Crikey -- what a dream he was!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, my! That's interesting! I wonder what he would have done if you'd touched it! XO!

Don said...

I think you need to break another socket!

Nina said...

The english patient, ah, what a sensual film at times! I loved the longhaired man too!

Nina said...

Oh, brake another socket...that´s a very good idea!