Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I have today listed items I have to sell now I´m moving.
I had taken the pics during the weekend, but just didn´t have the time to add them online.

The jars in the picture above are also included. I think they are sooo beautiful, but I just do not have the room for them anymore. And I don´t believe in storing...I´d rather sell them and know they are giving pleasure to someone.

So all my finnish readers, grab yourself some french (and other) delights at


That is me sneezing!
My fellowblogger Henrietta (she has a lovely blog) recommended I close the window at night or I´ll catch a deadly disease, well, I did close the window for the night (it was colder than usual) but that didn´t help! I woke up this morning feeling just awful. I ached and tears started falling as soon as I tried to get out of bed. So I am staying in bed today. With wollen socks, wollen scarf, messy hair and lots of tissues!
I´ve just made myself some ginger tea. I´ve also used my nose rinser, very effective tool.

I had to take these pics just now as the light makes wonderful shadows on the walls. These are from my kitchen, I have a lace curtain in the window that creates the most perfect shadows;)

I am quite convinced that what I am suffering from is psychosomatic.
= psychosomatic /psy·cho·so·mat·ic/ ( -sah-mat´ik ) pertaining to the mind-body relationship; having bodily symptoms of psychic, emotional, or mental origin.
(internet dictionary)

So back to bed I go!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 hang things on.

Today at school we were supposed to make a coat rack, of trash. So I made this. I´m working on a similar piece, but will hang it upside down. I can post pics when they are both ready so you can see.
I´ve had these broken scissors in my drawer for years. They have a lovely patina so I´ve not trown them away. So now they continue life as coat racks.

It´s time for some herbal tea. I´m wearing wollen socks. It´s getting colder here in Helsinki. I still sleep with the window open though.

Monday, 27 September 2010

I sat on the floor...

...and looked up, saw my initials and the little crow on the mirror, below the mirror I have an educational board with a handwritten number 13 in the corner.
I started laughing, because if I was at all supersticious this would be a sign!!!! Spoooooooky! It must be a fantastic goooooood sign!

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Woke up this morning to a bright sunny day. Turns out it is warm aswell, 17 degrees right this moment. So there´s hope, autumn has not turned its back on us...
This can mean only one thing, looooong walk in the forest!

Above is the amount of chocolate I´m enjoying right now. It´s dark, it´s organic and it´s fare trade. It must be good for you!

Happy weekend dear friends!

Friday, 24 September 2010

It really does exists!

The week has passed in such speed - I can´t believe it´s already friday!

Last night I met up with my knitting-group. We gathered in my home. I had my camera ready. You see I had planned to take pictures for you to see, but I had such a wonderful time I forgot all about it. I realised I had not taken a single photo when they had all left. Well, maybe next time! Soon you all think that I´m just making it all up, that there is no knitting-group! Or the knitting-group is just in my imagination;) It really does exist. In real! We are ten wonderful funny women who meet up every second week and do crafts together. We also drink tea and talk. Sometimes we eat cakes.
...well, sometimes we fly to the planet mars, we knit scarfs socks hats for little green men...

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Crafts and awards

These are a few things that I made at artschool.
Two rings and a bracelet. They are made out of things I´ve found in the trash. The bracelet is made of a broken ruler, and the rings from a piece of metal that I made the rings of and added old typewriter keys.

I´ve been rewarded with One lovely Blog award by Stroke of the brush. Thank you very much. There are far too many blogs I´d love to give an award, it is simply an impossible task for me.
If you care to know what blogs I read and share the award with, please scroll down a little further, there´s a loooooong list on the righthand side, below my pics.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Raindrops keep falling on my head

It´s raining. It´s one of those days you wish you could just drop everything, forget for a while that there´s a world out there.
I´d looooove to just stay snug and warm under the covers. Make some coffee, have toast with marmalade, wollen socks, pyajamas, a good book, hear the rain against the window...

But. I can´t drop everything. Not today anyway.

Above is an origamiflower I made of old booksheet. I keep it in my old muffinform amongst dried rosepetals. I have quite a lot of dried rosepetals placed inside jars and on display...that´s what you get if you pick fresh rosepetals every single day when roses are in bloom...

A huuuuuge thank you for all your support. I feel truly honoured and lucky to be part of such a warm and supportive community. I never could have imagined that there are people I´ve never met, who truly care so much about my wellbeeing. Thank you.
I am coping. I take it day by day. I try to do things. But there has been and will be days when I simply can´t face the world. Saturday was a day like that. But, already on sunday I was out and about.
And I know, thanks to you, that this too will pass. Eventually. With time.
Once again, thank you.

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


I took a loooooong walk in the forest today. Enjoyed the autumn air, the scents, the sounds, the light, the colours, the solitude.

Now I´m enjoying a large cup of coffee. Will read through my favorite blogs.
Later I´m meeting a friend in town for a film.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Zoltan!

The owl has drawn a winner for my 300th post giveaway that ended today.

And the winner is:


Here is a link to Zoltan´s blog. He is a fantastic artist, based in Berlin.

And, I have to add another link, I have listened to this a few times today at it just fills me with laughter. I do agree to have a wierd sense of humour;)
But, what makes this clip, is the fact that they play with all their heart - EVEN though so many of them play false. And it sounds terrible! This shows how much hard work there is to learn to master an instrument. You can hear that they have practised. But I believe that whatever you do, do it fully! Do it with all your heart! And don´t hold back!

Congratulations Zoltan! Kisses!!!


Last night the plough shone over my house. The stars α Dubhe, β Merak, γ Phecda, δ Megrez, ε Alioth, ζ Mizar och η Alkaid shone brightly. I love autumn nights. Clear sky with stars.
I have always dreamed of visiting the observatory. One day I shall.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

You make my world a beautiful place

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very very very kind words. Your support and your advise has meant a lot to me. I realize I am in shock. I find it hard to comprehend fully what has happened.

I know I will get over this. With a little help of my friends. All of you included!
I will be happy again. Of that I´m certain.

Tomorrow I´m meeting my friend L, who is visiting from Stockholm. In the weekend it´s filmtime, the Love&Anarchy filmfestival starts tomorrow and my friends have invited me along to films in the weekend. How fantastic is that?!! I´ve had no energy to organize tickets. And next week it´s more artschool. I´m hosting the next meeting of my knitting-group on thursday and I also have a record-release-party to go to.
Keeping a little busy isn´t such a bad idea. I suppose.

Thank you! If I could, I would kiss and hug you all. I do it virtually.

I also watch the most catchy laughter ever, Zimmermanna & de Perrot. I had tickets to their perfomance in Helsinki last month, but unfortunately their performance was cancelled due to injury. If nothing else, I will travel to a country where they perform and see their perfomance! Enjoy! I am so very charmed.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thank you

Thank you for taking time to write. I took a risk beeing very personal. It was worth it, as your words and support helped me through yesterday, as I wrote, one of the saddest days in my life.
I´ve been so brave. I held my head up at the district court. I did not cry. Whilst reading your supportive words, my heart grew bigger and bigger and eventually my tears broke and I managed to cry. I wanted an outburst. And it finally came.

I fell asleep listening to Ane Brun´s beautiful version of Big in Japan. I never really understood the lyrics, and Alphaville´s original version was never a big hit for me...

Today I go back to school;) I´m attending a course this autumn at the Aalto University School of Art and Design. This is perfect. I also need places where I´m not going through a divorce.

Thank you.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Relaxing in Helsinki

I´ve had a looong week and now I´ve spent most of my friday evening snug up in the sofa reading a good book.
I started to feel that my eyes could simply not read anymore, I made some herb-tea and lit candles, invited the Kings of Convenience to perform in our livingroom, and voilá, I´m having a fantastic relaxed moment. And I want to share this with you.
Wishing you a lovley weekend.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

300th posts

This is my 300th post. Blimey!
Thank you all so very much. It has been a true pleasure.

Tonight I´m meeting up with my knitting-group, we have lots to share as we´ve had a full summers brake.

To celebrate my 300th post I´m having a tiny giveaway. If you would like to participate and perhaps win the lady in a black frame, just leave a comment on this post and you´re in! The giveaway is open until friday the 17th of september.

Warm hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How do you measure temporary insanity in cups?

I really love these cup measures. But I cannot use them. You see I never learned to bake using cups. I use decilitres and litres.
Why oh why do we not have ONE standard measure system???? I can´t believe I am in fact this conservative, but I have forgiven myself this weakness;)

The thing is, I cannot really justify having stuff just because they look nice...and I (sort of) picked these up at Anthropologie in London...although I knew at the time of purchaise that I do not know how to use them...I still went ahead with my purchaise...and now I´m considering pleading temporary insanity when asked why on earth I bought these though I should have known better?
Will I regret purchaising these? NO! Start hating the cups? NO! Start hating the measure system? YES! Start learning to bake with cups? Perhaps...

Sunday, 5 September 2010


On my way home from the airport (on monday) I bumped into a friend who has an allotment close to where I live. As it is time of harvest, she was loaded with vegetables and flowers!
She loaded some of the vegetables into a paperbag and gave me lots to take home. As I´ve said plenty of times before, I am a very fortunate girl!
So I have enjoyed delicious meals made of vegetables in the picture above.

Ha, I bet you all thought I was going to ramble on and on about Neil Young and his album, or rather his song Harvest.
There´s a thought. I could actually ramble on and on about that album. And that song;)

I had a lovely visit to Pori yesterday. We drove by car, and we also decided to drive back after our performance. In the night. Which was a wee bit scary, but we had a fun ride, can´t remember when I last laughed so much it actually ached in my tummy!
The performance went very well. The response was warm and welcoming. We have been perfoming at that specific festival for years!
My song group has been perfoming since 2001 and I think that was the first year we performed at the festival aswell. We are three singers and now we are accompanied by piano. When we started, we had guitar and cello. That was an amazing combination.

Happy happy sunday to you all. I´m meeting the house band in town for dinner later. Jeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, 3 September 2010


It has rained all day today. I should have worn gloves. This time of year, when summer takes an abrupt turn, ends without warning, I have difficulties knowing how to dress. Especially when cykling. Ok, one should perhaps be en garde when it comes to seasonal changes. One should be. I am not.

It has been a busy week, and quite a busy weekend ahead. I´m leaving for Pori tomorrow, a town known for it´s annual jazz-festival. But also for it´s annual theatre festival. This festival is the reason I´m paying a visit. My song-group is performing there tomorrow evening. Exciting...jeeeeeeeeee!

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Homemade London and Elli Popp

Whilst in London I attended the opening of Homemade London. Lucky me! I met lots of warm, creative people. All the workshops are very tempting.
How exquisite isn´t this lingerie workshop?

This text I have borrowed from Homemade London´s website:
Homemade London opened in August 2010 with a mission to celebrate the best of London's craft designers and introduce new products and techniques to the capital.

We have scoured the country to find the right designers to run our classes - people who combine creative genius with a passion to share their skills and ideas. We've worked with them to create unique designs that are simple and elegant enough that they can be made within the course of one workshop. Every workshop is designed to help you create something that you're proud of, not just because you made it yourself, but because it is exquisite in its own right.

Classes are small, to ensure that you will get the personal tuition you need to create objects of desire, beautifully packaged to take home. The workshops are social experiences; you can enjoy a glass of wine and a light supper or an afternoon tea as they work.

More information about this fantastic salon and their concept on their website:

And another little note, the wallpaper and fabric in the Homemade London salon are by Elli Popp designed by my friend Katja Behre.

Below is a picture of the wallpaper. I get huuuuge cravings!

All pictures by Homemade London. Except Elli Popp wallpaper by me.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


I have seen windows dusty of sand from the Sahara. The southern wind carries the sand over the sea and becomes dust. On windows. In your hair.
I have seen a spectacular moon. I have walked in the middle of the road at night. Just because you can. In London.
I have seen a beautiful door. One day I wish to have a front door like this. Yes, the image is slightly skew. I must at that precise moment have been slightly skew myself.
I have listened to Harper Simon.