Wednesday, 29 September 2010


That is me sneezing!
My fellowblogger Henrietta (she has a lovely blog) recommended I close the window at night or I´ll catch a deadly disease, well, I did close the window for the night (it was colder than usual) but that didn´t help! I woke up this morning feeling just awful. I ached and tears started falling as soon as I tried to get out of bed. So I am staying in bed today. With wollen socks, wollen scarf, messy hair and lots of tissues!
I´ve just made myself some ginger tea. I´ve also used my nose rinser, very effective tool.

I had to take these pics just now as the light makes wonderful shadows on the walls. These are from my kitchen, I have a lace curtain in the window that creates the most perfect shadows;)

I am quite convinced that what I am suffering from is psychosomatic.
= psychosomatic /psy·cho·so·mat·ic/ ( -sah-mat´ik ) pertaining to the mind-body relationship; having bodily symptoms of psychic, emotional, or mental origin.
(internet dictionary)

So back to bed I go!


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Nina, I hope that you will burrow down in your warm nest of blankets and wooly socks today and feel better soon!

Love the shadows -- thought it was wallpaper!

renilde said...

Take a good rest Nina, I think you're right it's all part of the period you are going through.Resting and sleeping will do you good,take time for 'you'. Everybody needs that and has the right to do so now annd then.
I send you an imaginary bunch of colourfull flowers.

P.K said...

Take care and I hope you feel better very soon. I really like the coat rack in your previous post! Cheers.

Nina said...

Thank you.
I have slept all day, didn´t know I needed sleep that badly. I will still take it easy. This is very typical me, I get ill when I need rest and I´m very seldom ill. I can almost always see a direct connection to why, this is psychosomatic. Very.