Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How do you measure temporary insanity in cups?

I really love these cup measures. But I cannot use them. You see I never learned to bake using cups. I use decilitres and litres.
Why oh why do we not have ONE standard measure system???? I can´t believe I am in fact this conservative, but I have forgiven myself this weakness;)

The thing is, I cannot really justify having stuff just because they look nice...and I (sort of) picked these up at Anthropologie in London...although I knew at the time of purchaise that I do not know how to use them...I still went ahead with my purchaise...and now I´m considering pleading temporary insanity when asked why on earth I bought these though I should have known better?
Will I regret purchaising these? NO! Start hating the cups? NO! Start hating the measure system? YES! Start learning to bake with cups? Perhaps...


swedishouse said...

Lovely cups Nina ;-)
I would definitely learn to bake with them

Henrietta said...

Ai sä olet oikein päässyt live Anthropologiehen.Mä käyn aina netissä ihaileen kaikkea upeita kamoja sieltä ja ymmärrän täysin miksi sun piti ostaa ne.Joskus kun kun järkeni sanoo ettei saa ostaa ja kaikkea ei voi omistaa mun visuaalisieluuni sattuu.Viimeksi stokan kangasosastolla sieluni itki verta koska mulla ei ole rahaa Designers Guildin kankaisiin.
Rakasta kauniita mittakuppejasi:)

Floss said...

Those are wonderful- but I feel exactly the same about the cup measuring system! I can do old British imperial weights and metric, and my mind rebels against learning a third system.

Thanks for admiring my box and mirror (both rescued from the tip this summer) and the ivy garland (a Vide Greniers find). I have been admiring them for some time and looking for a chance to get them and my houseplants (spending the summer on the patio) into a photo.

Hanna from the corner table said...

Tuota olen monesti myös miettinyt, miksi on kaksi tai useampi mittausjärjestelmä. Suomessa en ennen niihin juurikaan törmännyt, mutta enkuissa kyllä joo, joka kerta reseptikirjan avatessani.

Tai no oikeastaan huomasin sen eron että cups-mittoja käytettiin ja sitten piti ostaa keittiövaaka! Ilman tulin ennen toimeen vallan mainiosti.

Harmoni og Kontrast said...


kjære Nina for dine vakre ord på bloggen min, jeg ble så glad!!

Flotte kopper, kanskje denne linken er noe for deg?...


You made my day! Klem fra Laila

Rena said...

I can see why you bought these measuring cups!! they are a piece of art. Silly thought, maybe you can find a site to do the measuring conversion, so it wouldn't be so difficult? Anthropologie is such a beautiful store!!!! Really funky and unique things!!!