Sunday, 5 September 2010


On my way home from the airport (on monday) I bumped into a friend who has an allotment close to where I live. As it is time of harvest, she was loaded with vegetables and flowers!
She loaded some of the vegetables into a paperbag and gave me lots to take home. As I´ve said plenty of times before, I am a very fortunate girl!
So I have enjoyed delicious meals made of vegetables in the picture above.

Ha, I bet you all thought I was going to ramble on and on about Neil Young and his album, or rather his song Harvest.
There´s a thought. I could actually ramble on and on about that album. And that song;)

I had a lovely visit to Pori yesterday. We drove by car, and we also decided to drive back after our performance. In the night. Which was a wee bit scary, but we had a fun ride, can´t remember when I last laughed so much it actually ached in my tummy!
The performance went very well. The response was warm and welcoming. We have been perfoming at that specific festival for years!
My song group has been perfoming since 2001 and I think that was the first year we performed at the festival aswell. We are three singers and now we are accompanied by piano. When we started, we had guitar and cello. That was an amazing combination.

Happy happy sunday to you all. I´m meeting the house band in town for dinner later. Jeeeeeeeeeee!

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