Friday, 17 September 2010

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Zoltan!

The owl has drawn a winner for my 300th post giveaway that ended today.

And the winner is:


Here is a link to Zoltan´s blog. He is a fantastic artist, based in Berlin.

And, I have to add another link, I have listened to this a few times today at it just fills me with laughter. I do agree to have a wierd sense of humour;)
But, what makes this clip, is the fact that they play with all their heart - EVEN though so many of them play false. And it sounds terrible! This shows how much hard work there is to learn to master an instrument. You can hear that they have practised. But I believe that whatever you do, do it fully! Do it with all your heart! And don´t hold back!

Congratulations Zoltan! Kisses!!!


swedishouse said...

Congratulations to your winner

Toemailer said...

That is such a nice gift! Think we will do something like that when we reach some milestones. said...

Also ich bin Sprachlos.......
Habe noch nie was gewonnen!!!
Juuuppppiiiii! Super! Hey!
:) :) :) :)
:))) said...

...Und es bekommt ein Ehrenplatz bei mir!!!