Thursday, 2 September 2010

Homemade London and Elli Popp

Whilst in London I attended the opening of Homemade London. Lucky me! I met lots of warm, creative people. All the workshops are very tempting.
How exquisite isn´t this lingerie workshop?

This text I have borrowed from Homemade London´s website:
Homemade London opened in August 2010 with a mission to celebrate the best of London's craft designers and introduce new products and techniques to the capital.

We have scoured the country to find the right designers to run our classes - people who combine creative genius with a passion to share their skills and ideas. We've worked with them to create unique designs that are simple and elegant enough that they can be made within the course of one workshop. Every workshop is designed to help you create something that you're proud of, not just because you made it yourself, but because it is exquisite in its own right.

Classes are small, to ensure that you will get the personal tuition you need to create objects of desire, beautifully packaged to take home. The workshops are social experiences; you can enjoy a glass of wine and a light supper or an afternoon tea as they work.

More information about this fantastic salon and their concept on their website:

And another little note, the wallpaper and fabric in the Homemade London salon are by Elli Popp designed by my friend Katja Behre.

Below is a picture of the wallpaper. I get huuuuge cravings!

All pictures by Homemade London. Except Elli Popp wallpaper by me.


swedishouse said...

Lucky You! Nina

Loving the wallpaper too...going to check out the website and homemadelondon too
Have a great weekend
Julie x

Henrietta said...

Kuulostaa hyvältä paikalta,miksi kaikki kiva on ulkomailla.Jos hesassa olis tuollainen paikka olis tosi nastaa.Jos olis tylsää poikkeis sinne ompeleen itselleen ihanan kassin.
Sä olet nähny konseptin voisit perustaan tänne tuollaisen paikan vai mitä...JOOO:)

shari @ little blue deer said...

What a cool program! So excited about your wallpaper! XX!

Vibeke said...

glad du likte pakken nina :)

ønsker deg en underbar helg,