Friday, 24 September 2010

It really does exists!

The week has passed in such speed - I can´t believe it´s already friday!

Last night I met up with my knitting-group. We gathered in my home. I had my camera ready. You see I had planned to take pictures for you to see, but I had such a wonderful time I forgot all about it. I realised I had not taken a single photo when they had all left. Well, maybe next time! Soon you all think that I´m just making it all up, that there is no knitting-group! Or the knitting-group is just in my imagination;) It really does exist. In real! We are ten wonderful funny women who meet up every second week and do crafts together. We also drink tea and talk. Sometimes we eat cakes.
...well, sometimes we fly to the planet mars, we knit scarfs socks hats for little green men...


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Nina, you have such a spark about you and it warms my heart to think about how much fun you and your friends have together, even when on Mars knitting accessories!

Bon Weekend!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Ha, I want to see evidence! JK, it sounds so lovely! XX!

Lorrie said...

How wonderful to have friends to craft with (and eat cakes) (and fly to Mars)

Cecilia said...

How nice!! that is proof of having a really great time, when you forget about the camera...... perhaps we document too much sometimes? Not everything need to be looked at through the eye of a camera..... But I am still looking forward to see something you knitted....later on :-))
Have a really soothing and creative weekend!