Friday, 17 September 2010


Last night the plough shone over my house. The stars α Dubhe, β Merak, γ Phecda, δ Megrez, ε Alioth, ζ Mizar och η Alkaid shone brightly. I love autumn nights. Clear sky with stars.
I have always dreamed of visiting the observatory. One day I shall.


swedishouse said...

The stars aren't they just fantastic recently. We saw the 'Milky Way' about 10 days ago...
Keep Well

Floss said...

You remind me that Son 1 needs to get out his telescope! It's often dark too late to use it in summer, but down here it's getting dark at an OK time again. I bet you've still got pretty long days, though, Nina!

I love your star shells. I'll try to remember to show them to Son 1, who loves the constellations and the planets.

littlebyrd said...

What a beautiful picture! Been thinking about you these last few days.