Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thank you

Thank you for taking time to write. I took a risk beeing very personal. It was worth it, as your words and support helped me through yesterday, as I wrote, one of the saddest days in my life.
I´ve been so brave. I held my head up at the district court. I did not cry. Whilst reading your supportive words, my heart grew bigger and bigger and eventually my tears broke and I managed to cry. I wanted an outburst. And it finally came.

I fell asleep listening to Ane Brun´s beautiful version of Big in Japan. I never really understood the lyrics, and Alphaville´s original version was never a big hit for me...

Today I go back to school;) I´m attending a course this autumn at the Aalto University School of Art and Design. This is perfect. I also need places where I´m not going through a divorce.

Thank you.


Henrietta said...

Ou shit,olen todella pahoillani puolestasi ja muuta en voi antaa kun piiitkän lujan voimahalauksen ja uskoa tulevasta.
Tosi hyvä että opiskelut alkaa se antaa hieman muuta ajateltavaa ja puuhaa riittää.Jos saa kysyä mitäs kivaa menit opiskeleen?
HALI hali hali voimia
Love Henrietta

www.kunsthafen.blogspot.com said...

Es ist nicht einfach...
Sei Tapfer, das Leben geht weiter.

Floss said...

Oh Nina, I missed your last post and have just read your news. I can't add anything to the kind and wise words that other people have already written, but I do want you to know what a unique, wonderful person you are, and that my thoughts and prayers are now added to the caring wishes of everyone else who knows you.

Henrietta said...

Romutyöpaja kuulostaa tosi kiinnostavalta.Olis upeeta jos täällä sit näkyis jotain aikaansaannoksia tai juttua mitä siel touhuatte:)

Cecilia said...

Dear Nina! Took some time to read through my favourite blogs and found your sad sad post. I do not know You otherwise than what I seen of You in your blog and this is only a reflection I had.... I think that you are lucky to be so creative and warm person, and I am quit conviced that Your creativity can be the salvation in times like this. You have the possibility to fill your life with good and beautiful things that perhaps can help you to keep your mind somewhat occupied. And since you seem to have an eye for beauty you will probably continue seeing it everywhere, although your heart is aching. I agree in what your other readers have said, It will probably take time, but for sure you will be happy again, perhaps sooner than you think!
All my best wishes for you!!
Take care!