Tuesday, 28 September 2010

...to hang things on.

Today at school we were supposed to make a coat rack, of trash. So I made this. I´m working on a similar piece, but will hang it upside down. I can post pics when they are both ready so you can see.
I´ve had these broken scissors in my drawer for years. They have a lovely patina so I´ve not trown them away. So now they continue life as coat racks.

It´s time for some herbal tea. I´m wearing wollen socks. It´s getting colder here in Helsinki. I still sleep with the window open though.


Henrietta said...

Hyvänen aika nainen saat kuoleman taudin,ikkuna kiinni:)
Kyllä kantsi säästää saksen puolikkaat,koskaan ei voi tietää mihin mitäkin tarvii.Fantsu naulakko.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

How creative you are, Nina! Functional art is a reminder of our individualism and this rack is an original use of a discarded item. Love it!

Don said...

Great idea!

Nina said...

Thank you!