Friday, 3 September 2010


It has rained all day today. I should have worn gloves. This time of year, when summer takes an abrupt turn, ends without warning, I have difficulties knowing how to dress. Especially when cykling. Ok, one should perhaps be en garde when it comes to seasonal changes. One should be. I am not.

It has been a busy week, and quite a busy weekend ahead. I´m leaving for Pori tomorrow, a town known for it´s annual jazz-festival. But also for it´s annual theatre festival. This festival is the reason I´m paying a visit. My song-group is performing there tomorrow evening. Exciting...jeeeeeeeeee!

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.

3 comments: said...

wünsche dir viel spass, und ganz viel Sonnenschein!!!

swedishouse said...

Pori is in Finland?
A song-group...will you be singing too?
Sounds exciting and fun.
Have a lovely weekend
Julie x

Satu said...

Vau, toivottavasti Porin retki sujui hienosti! Onnellista viikonloppua sinulle toivon!