Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Clowns and other odd characters

I did not win the bid for the apartment. There will be other apartments to bid on. Ah bless! I´m the kind of person who thinks that it wasn´t meant to be. So no reason to be dissapointed or sad. It wasn´t meant to be my home.

Above is a character of mine called Lily, I have made the mask myself many years ago for a certain theatre production. After the play, this character continued on her own little path...I have done mask-theatre for years but never done clown, which has been something I´ve dreamed of...we did have a clown course at theatre-school, but I sadly missed it due to a play I was involved today I signed up for a two day long clown workshop in Stockholm for next month. I´m very much looking forward to this little journey. I might stay for a few more days. My inner-clown is desperately trying to get out;)

Thank you for your support and kind comments regarding my lace-posts. I´m happy you love lace as much as I do.

Warm kisses.


Don said...

Mad fun! You know I love a mask such as this!

Liisa said...

It took me a while to figure out that I wasn't looking at a painting! Great mask and great photo!

P.K said...

I agree with Liisa, that is an amazing photo and mask. As for clowns, I have mixed feelings. Another apartment will find you, it is quite strange how things work out. All the best.

Vanessa said...

What a wonderful mask! I also thought it was a painting at first and am so impressed. I share with you that impression that certain things weren't meant to be and feel sure something special is just around the corner.

Nina said...

Thank you! It was fun making the mask and later let it come alive. I do enjoy Lily;) She is a real character. And a flirt;)

@ Don, I love that mask too! Great photo!

Happy weekend friends!