Thursday, 7 October 2010


Autumn is in bloom here in Helsinki. The trees are so colourful, the contrasts are sharp. I love autumn. Especially when it doesn´t rain;)

I´m trying to think visually about my new home. Unfortunately I haven´t found the apartment yet, but I try to think that it will be a light apartment and what things and colours I want to take with me.
I´m known to love colours in my home and I´m thinking white! Right now I´m very much for cream and lace and...I´m stunned! Blimey! So I´m quite excited and curious about what the outcome evetually will be. I´m going to be open for all my ideas and see what comes of that.

Last night I saw a fantastic play at the Takomo theatre called Amerikka. I do recommend this play. Makes you think. And it is so well made, the presence, the energy, the acting, the text, the visualisation, I was impressed!

Tonight I´m meeting up with my knitting-group. It does exist!!! Unfortunately we´re only going to be a few participants tonight, but I try to take pics this time. I heard a rumour there will be truffels...oh dear!

Above is one of many ex voto hearts I have managed to collect over the years. Leaning against lace pinned in an embrodery loop.


ilovemyhouse said...

Thanks Nina.
ilove the heart and am looking forward of pics of your knitting club!
Enjoy your evening


Henrietta said...

Anteeksi mutta en ymmärrä/tiedä minä on voto.Anyway aivan ihana voto sydän on.Mihin sitä on käytetty vai onko joku koriste ollut jossain esineessä.Tuollaiset aarteet on parhaita:)

Nina said...

Thank you!

Henrietta: Ex voto on votiivi. Näitä löytyy katolisista maista usein., ne liitetään joskus ikoneihin tai ripustetaan huoneeseen tuomaan siunaus. Nämä olivat yleisiä lahjoina.
Tässä linkki wikipedian sivulle jossa kerrotaan hiukan lisää:

Vanessa said...

I'm sure wherever you end up, you'll make the place your own and really lovely with all your creativeness. I only have my current apartment for the next 2 years and am trying to enjoy the time here while it lasts. Colours and textures with the feel of home. Am looking forward to news of the knitting group. Have a lovely weekend!