Thursday, 21 October 2010

Knitting ladies, tea and Tarte Tatin

I´ve had a wonderful evening with my knitting ladies.
My applepie or rather Tarte Tatin was a success, believe me the marzipan makes a difference. My mother has made the same tarte with pears, ah, heavenly.
We drank plenty of tea and chatted and knitted (I crochet, I´m still working on my grannysquares, seems like an endless project) and laughed.

Lovely evening.


P.K said...

Lovely evening indeed. The photos convey a cosy atmosphere. The tart looks delicious. What is everyone knitting?

Lorrie said...

An evening with good friends and good food is a wonderful thing.

nato said...

hello nina, thanks for passing by, Your tea cups looks lovely and the tart succulent . would have enjoyed a cup with you ladies. Maybe one day.
Do you have pictures of what you want to sell.
I am a fan of dragonflies. Will show you my collection one day, where did you get your picture of the dragonfly on your wall. LOVELY. see you soon. said...

Hi Nina,
Hmmmm..., das sieht ja richtig Lecker aus, - und sehr sehr gemütlich ...
(Vielleicht kannst du uns mal das Rezept schicken? :) )