Monday, 11 October 2010

No more lace, please!

I had a lovely weekend, very busy with ONLY fun events!

Today I negotiated a mortgage for myself, later I left a bid on an apartment. I cykled home in the most beautiful landscape, the sky an amazing turqoise and fantastic background for trees in burning colours, red, orange, yellow, okra.

I know, I´m repeating myself here...perhaps not the best way to keep readers, but I seem to find great pleasure in lace, so here´s something for you: I bought myself antique lace curtains! They are loooooong, 2,6m!!!! Above is a detail of the curtains. I need to give them a gentle wash. I will hang them in my new home. Hopefully the one I left the bid for today. The apartment needs a lot of work, but that does not scare me. It is time to move on.

My apologies for my posts about lace, lace and more lace. Please have patience with me and once I get back on track I´ll be posting about other materials too;)


swedishouse said...

They look gorgeous.
Congrats on the mortgage, I hope you succeed with your bid on your apartment!
Lycka Till
LOVE PEACE enJOY that lace

Lorrie said...

Lace is wonderful - I'm never tired of it - especially these beautiful antique curtains.
It's great to see how you are moving ahead with life when it's probably quite difficult.

countingdandelions said...

during this time in your life --you can write about lace all you want. and whatever else makes you feel good. best to you with the apartment and as you move forward. it's gotta be tough and we readers will be your readers even if you post 100 bits about lace! take care of yourself. xoxo

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I love lace and I totally agree with countingdandies -- Right now you are entitled to obsess and we'll be right here for you.

Hope you get the bid!


Nina said...

You are the best!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mrs M said...

What's there not to love about lace! Good luck with the apartment! said...

Liebe Nina,
ich habe dir über e-mail geschrieben, schau mal nach...
Liebe Grüße

P.K said...

Lace and lace... you can go on and on, lace is wonderful. All the best with the apartment bid.

Henrietta said...

Toivottavasti tarjous uudesta kodista menee läpi. Nämä ovat aina jänniä aikoja ja toisaalta täynnä suurta pettymystä jos ei saakaan sitä minkä halusi. Pettymys voi kyllä kääntyä suureksi voitoksi kun hylkäyksen jälkeen löytää uuden paremman kodin. Älä tyydy toiseksi parhaimpaa vaan aina etsi parasta, koti on maailman paras paikka. Koti on mun pyhättöni ja uskontoni johon uskon.
Ohhoh kuulostaapa ....
Pidän peukkuja:)